Ko-Tai Pulau Pinang, 2009-2010

Ko-Tai Penang is a 40-minute musical dance-drama which traces Penang’s journey from Merdeka till now. It features the sung stories of multiethnic Penang residents, some of whom have been displaced as a result of development and the repeal of the Rent Control Act.

Ko-Tai Penang captures the rhythms and sounds of street life and the trades of the diverse communities of Penang through song and dance. It highlights the changes in the cultural scene in Penang through the eyes of ronggeng dancers and street storytellers.

This performance is a sequel to the highly acclaimed community performances entitled Kisah Pulau Pinang (2006) and Ronggeng

Merdeka (2007) which traced Penang’s early history and featured Penang’s road to Merdeka respectively. 

The presentation style of this musical brings to life Penang’s tradition of street performances such as Ko-taiChinese opera, storytelling and Ronggeng which have been enjoyed by various ethnic communities.  Following this tradition, Ko-tai Penang will perform in community spaces, in the open air, in 4 locations in Penang:

  • Junction of Armenian Street & Pitt Street ~ 27 December 2009, 8.15pm
  • Esplanade  ~ 2 January 2010, 8.15pm
  • Air Itam, Reservoir Garden ~ 3 January 2010, 8.15pm
Producer, Stage Manger – Scott Lee

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